Paintings Inside by Danny Quirk


Have you ever imagined that the paintings and at the same time illustrations can be so interesting to have a look at them and besides that we are representing these very art works not only as being paintings but also by the way they are created so to say their inner part the inside (we decided to call the paintings inside as you can surely see the body inside as the painter and at the same time artist whose name is Danny Quirk, so this very painter paints on the bodies and represents the inner part of the human being.


While searching for more art news from the artist Danny Quirk we have found some sentencces from him and here are they: “Newest body painting, detailing the flexors of the arm…In honor of Mother’s Day, figured I’d do up a little pregnancy piece. Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms out there, thanks for doing what you do….Turning my friend into a medical illustration!! Superficial neck musculature!

Recenly started doing a series of anatomical body paintings for educational purposes. In honor of today’s events, I’d like to share with you all, my Gay / Straight piece. I just don’t see what everyone’s so afraid of. We’re all the same underneath, and should be treated that way. After all, come the end of the day, we’re all homos… homosapiens that is.

As an anatomical body painter, thought it could be kind of cool to paint just HOW each and everyone of us got here. Out of respect for the models, and to prevent anyone from stealing my work, the ‘actual’ genitals have been censored with my watermark….”.