Tasty Art Works by Aleksey Platunov


These tasty art woks are really amazing to have a deep and at the same time close look at and admire them so just have your ever watchful eye on these very art works by the artist and at the same time painter (let us call him also a painter as if he was not a painter he wouldn’t be able to make simple sushi into great paintings and pieces of art), so the name of the artist is Aleksey Platunov.


This very artist Aleksey Platunov says do you like sushi like I love it? Food by its own is an art and not every one can cook and make such things that the majority of the people would like it. So let us remember and keep in our minds so closely that Aleksey Platunov made tasty art works so to say he made sushi into a museum, you can see that each plate is a drawings, is a separate painting: girls and boys, cats and dogs, fish and other animals and also crocodiles are funny to have a deep or just a slight look at.

Aleksey Platunov creates tasty art collection so just share your own experience or just an idea, opinion, feelings, attitide towards the art news which we so willingly and with honour represented to your dearest attention.